Empowering the Blockchain Community Building Tools for an Open and Decentralized Financial (DeFi) System

Cryptovecs Ventures invests in entrepreneurs and companies that are building an alternative and decentralized financial system that are changing the way we invest, work and do business in the fourth industrial revolution era.

Our Story

We believe in a world where people are empowered to manage their own finances, and invest in some of the greatest world’s best opportunities in order to create sustainable wealth. Blockchain technology has provided tremendous opportunities by transforming the way money is perceived and how business gets conducted.

To achieve our goals, Cryptovecs Ventures has embarked on a journey to identify some of the greatest ideas and projects that have the potential to not only challenge the status-quo and disrupt existing or traditional business models, but most importantly to provide solutions that will impact the world in a more positive and meaningful way.

We believe in entrepreneurs that are passionate, driven and constantly driven to challenge traditional beliefs that are surrounding the financial sector, and come up with bright ideas to create new solutions that will give tremendous value to our investors.

Our goal is to partner for the long term and we’re committed to bringing valuable and sustainable change that will have a lasting socially responsible development and impact to the communities we bring solutions to.

Cryptovecs Ventures aims to be your Blockchain development partner across Africa and the World.


Our Investments

Your Digital Crypto Assets Investment Partner.

We offer sophisticated investor risk-adjusted returns from a diversified portfolio of cryptoassets - Maximise your profits from cryptocurrencies while managing risks with Cryptovecs.