You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust.
John McAfee
Founder of McAfee Associates

Company Overview

Founded in March 2017, Cryptovecs Capital was formed by John Lombela, Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency Investor, Blockchain Enthusiast and Software Developer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information & Communication Technology, in order to provide primarily to the Southern African region, a more structured investment approach to Cryptocurrencies as well as an education platform that will convey to each interested party the needed fundamentals required to embrace the Blockchain technology, understand the Cryptocurrency ecosystem and learn about the various technologies on the Blockchain and how they attempt to solve a unique problem in a decentralized fashion.

Cryptocurrencies are a new type of asset class and extremely volatile, making it very difficult for the average investor, or actually the majority of people, to dip their toe into this new ecosystem as most of them do not understand why such technology was created at the first place.

Cryptovecs Capital educates through a series of structured seminars and or conferences on the need for a decentralized economy, and provides enriching information enough to make informed decisions.

With this new asset class gaining momentum and mainstream acceptance, albeit the negative news on the media that are propagated by those who do not understand the underlying technology that backs this new ecosystem, John Lombela found a need to setup an investment vehicle by creating a Fund of Funds that would attract investors seeking a different opportunity to maximize their profits while managing risk.

With most funds being niche and attracting a certain type of investors, Cryptovecs Capital provides a diversified portfolio to investors who do not quite understand this asset class, but yet want exposure to this exciting new market.

Our mission

We believe on the Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and a Decentralized Economy. Our mission is to:

  • Educate companies and individuals about the Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Ledger of Transactions, and Cryptocurrencies
  • Establish an alternative investment vehicle for individuals and companies seeking to hedge against traditional monetary system through this newly exciting asset class known as cryptoassets and other digital assets
  • Provide various wealth creation strategies focusing on cryptoassets
  • Become a trusted cryptoassets fund catered to the Central and Southern African region providing access to a myriad of possibilities in this new brave world
  • Maximize profits while minimizing risks

What we're all about

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